What vaccinations do newborns in the hospital

Even before the appearance of the baby, it is recommended that future parents study the following questions: whether they vaccinate newborns in the maternity hospital, what diseases they protect against, possible complications and risks. To do this, you must read the relevant literature, talk with a pediatrician, in advance for yourself to make a decision. As a rule, in the maternity hospital there is no time to solve these issues, there are a lot of other issues that require special attention.

It is worth noting that leading doctors agree that vaccination of the baby is necessary. Of course, there are complications, but the risk is actually minimal. Understanding the question of what vaccinations put in the hospital newborns, you must find out the name of the vaccine and the country of origin. These are the key points that you need to ask the doctor.what vaccinations do newborns in the hospital

What is vaccination for?

Before you allow the baby to be vaccinated, it is necessary to figure out why vaccination is necessary.

Vaccinations of newborns in the maternity hospital, reviews of which are contradictory, still cause a lot of controversy in society. On the one hand, they undoubtedly protect the baby from serious diseases already from birth, just when the baby’s body is weakened after childbirth. On the other hand, fatal outcomes are known when the children did not cope with the injected drug. But, as doctors say, the vaccine is the only way to avoid epidemics, and the benefits of them are much greater than the risks of complications.

Vaccinations of newborns in the maternity hospital are aimed at producing antibodies in the baby’s body for deadly diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis. The World Health Organization has developed a special schedule for the vaccination of babies. It takes into account the age of children, their characteristics of development. Experienced doctors recommend sticking to it and putting vaccines in a special time.vaccinations in the hospital newborn

Do vaccinations for newborns in the hospital

From birth up to the age of one and a half, the baby should receive 9 mandatory vaccinations. All of them protect it from diseases that are fatal.Each vaccine helps the body to develop special cells - antibodies. This does not mean that the vaccine gives 100% guarantee that the baby will never become infected with the disease from which it was vaccinated. But, in any case, he will transfer it much easier and without complications. Is it worth it to vaccinate the crumb, or better to refrain, can only be solved by his parents, who are fully responsible for his health.

Many are interested: "What vaccinations do newborns in the hospital?". In the first 12 hours it is necessary to prick the hepatitis B vaccine. Then a revaccination should be performed in a month. Also at discharge (from 3 to 7 days) it is necessary to take root against tuberculosis.

It is worth noting that these diseases are common and difficult to treat, so it is better to vaccinate the newborn in the hospital than to bite your elbows, which could not protect your baby from illness.whether to vaccinate a newborn in the hospital

Protect your baby from tuberculosis with a BCG vaccination

Why is it important to vaccinate BCG in the first days of a baby's life? It's very simple: mother's immunity against this disease is not transmitted to the baby.

Tuberculosis is a terrible and dangerous disease that affects the lungs, bones and other organs and can eventually lead to disability.It is transmitted by airborne droplets, so direct contact with the patient is not necessary. There are hidden forms of tuberculosis, when a person does not even suspect that he is a carrier of the infection.

Put vaccination in the left shoulder intracutaneously. After the injection, a slight swelling should appear, which disappears after 20-30 minutes. Within a month, a small wound is formed, which over time may burst. This is absolutely normal, no need to smear the injection site with any drugs. Everything goes by itself.vaccinations for newborns in the maternity hospital

When to put a vaccine can not

There are cases when vaccinations in the hospital for newborns can not be put. They may be temporary and permanent. In the case of the BCG vaccine, this is:

  • the presence of HIV infection in a baby or parents;

  • poor response to vaccination with close family members;

  • lesions during labor of the nervous system of the baby;

  • severe hereditary diseases.

For temporary contraindications include:

  • Apgar low scale during childbirth;

  • child's weight less than 2 pounds;

  • intrauterine infection during gestation;

  • violation of the skin (sores, severe rash, severe dermatitis);

  • the presence of allergic reactions.

In all these cases, the child should not be vaccinated. It is necessary to wait for the complete examination of the baby and the conclusion of the pediatrician.first vaccination of a newborn in a maternity hospital

This is the terrible word "hepatitis"

The first vaccination of a newborn in a maternity hospital is from hepatitis B. Why is it so important if it is given for the important 12 hours of a baby’s life?

This virus is especially dangerous for small crumbs, it infects the liver, which can lead to cirrhosis and even cancer of this organ. To cope with such a serious illness the baby is practically incapable. There are domestic and foreign (paid) vaccines. The latter are completely cleaned. There are almost no allergic reactions to them. There are rare cases of general malaise, a slight increase in temperature. Make it better in the lateral surface of the thigh.newborn maternity vaccinations reviews

Contraindications for vaccination

Hepatitis B vaccine does not have permanent contraindications. To temporary include cases when the baby is observed:

  • insufficient body weight (below 1500 grams);

  • low Apgar score;

  • acute illness of the baby;

  • violation of the integrity of the skin.

As soon as the child's condition improves, the body will get stronger, you can inject this vaccine.

How can I refuse vaccination

Only parents who are fully responsible for the health and life of the baby can answer the question of whether they should be vaccinated to the newborn in the maternity hospital. It can be noted that all healthy born children were vaccinated before. In our time, necessarily the consent of mom or dad.

After the neonatologist has completely examined the child, and the mother has a little rest from the birth, a nurse comes up to her to get consent for vaccination. It is necessary to sign a paper stating that parents are aware of possible complications.

If you think it is meaningless to vaccinate a newborn in the hospital, your right is to write a waiver. Then a corresponding entry will appear on the baby’s card, and the district pediatrician will have to draw up an individual vaccination schedule.what vaccinations put in the hospital newborn

Maybe worth the wait?

Experienced parents advise to put in the maternity hospital only the BCG vaccine, since there is no other protection against tuberculosis. But with hepatitis B, it is advised to wait. After all, it is transmitted only through blood or sexually. If a child is not threatened with a serious operation, manipulations with blood transfusion and other medical interventions that violate the integrity of the baby’s skin, then you can wait for the immunity of your baby to get stronger,and get vaccinated, let's say, in 2 months.

The risk of getting a complication from vaccination is due to the fact that in the first week almost all born babies get natural jaundice. And when the drug is administered, a complication in the form of conjugative jaundice may begin. This is very serious, if you do not notice elevated bilirubin in time, cerebral palsy or liver cirrhosis may occur.

Therefore, it is better to be safe, and make a vaccine after all the signs of the yellow one are completely gone (yellowness of the skin and protein in the eyes). But even they can be deceiving. It will be safer to donate blood and check the level of bilirubin.

If a hepatitis B vaccine was not given at the maternity hospital, it can be given at 3 months with DPT with a single injection. For example, the Belgian vaccine contains in its composition and this component.

Now, after reading the article, you know what vaccinations newborns need in the maternity hospital. In modern society, you can find opponents of vaccination. Many argue that intervening in the natural processes occurring in the human body is wrong. But it is worth thinking about the fact that terrible pandemics and epidemics people were able to stop only with the help of vaccination of the population.

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