Where are the pyramids?

Olga Koval
Olga Koval
November 4, 2014
Where are the pyramids?

Probably the most famous sight in the whole world is the Egyptian pyramids. Every year, millions of tourists visit these ancient buildings that survived many rulers.

Where are the pyramids in Egypt

The most famous and "advertised" are the pyramids on the plateau in Giza, which is sixteen kilometers from Cairo. Here is a complex of six pyramids, which are still open to visitors, but soon the Egyptian authorities will close them in order to preserve the historical heritage.

Here in Giza is the world's largest pyramid of Khufu, or, as it is often called, the pyramid of Cheops. The height of the pyramid today is 138 meters, but initially it was eight meters higher, just for millennia desert winds and rains "washed away" part of the pyramid.The pyramids

Also here is the pyramid of Khafre, which is guarded by the silent Sphinx.

There are other pyramids in Egypt worth visiting. Fifteen kilometers from the place where the pyramid of Cheops is located, in Saakra, there is another complex of pyramids. Interesting tourists will be the step pyramid of Djoser.It was built under the patronage of the architect Imhotep, it was he who first used hewn stone for construction (before this, the pyramids were built of limestone).

In total, there are 46 pyramids in Egypt that have survived to our time. The pyramid complexes are located in Abu Roash, Medum, Dashur, Lahun and other cities. There are also pyramid complexes in Sudan, these are unusual pyramids of Meroe.

But not only Africa boasts unique pyramids. There are pyramids in Spain on the island of Tenerife, in China in the province of Jilin. The pyramid is Brihadeshvara - a fortress-temple in India. Recently, archaeologists excavated the pyramid in the Crimea. Not to mention the ancient Mayan pyramids.

Where are the mayan pyramids

The Mayans lived in the territory of modern Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala, and this is where you can find temple complexes in the form of pyramids. Mayan civilizationThe pyramidsleft many mysteries, and if in Egypt the pyramids served as burial grounds, the Maya used the pyramids both as tombs, and as observatories, and as sacrificial altars. The most famous pyramid complexes can be found in the cities of Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Palenque, El Mirador, Teotihuacan.Scientists attribute the decline of the Mayan civilization precisely to the decline of Teotihuacan, because in this city there are pyramids of the Sun and the Moon so revered by the ancient Maya.

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