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The services of payment systems use a largedemand. Through WesternUnion, Contact, MoneyGram you can receive and send money to any country in the world. More than 20 years ago, another big player appeared on the market - the "Golden Crown". Transfer via the Internet is available to residents in the CIS countries and not only. The minimum commission, fast transaction, deployed network of branches in which payment can be made is not all the advantages of the system. Read more about how and where to get the "Golden Crown" translation in this article.


The payment system was established in 1993 inNovosibirsk. Initially she substituted herself with the brand of plastic Russian cards. In 10 years, the money transfer system of the same name was developed. So for today there are two "Golden Crown" services:

  • translation via the Internet;
  • bank cards.

where you can get the translation of the golden crown

Two years ago, the system was granted social statussignificant: the number of payments for three consecutive months exceeded 100 billion rubles. The developed network includes 500 partner banks and 40,000 customer service points operating in Ukraine, Russia, other CIS countries, as well as Greece, China, Israel, etc. Through them, you can send payment to more than 200 countries of the world.


Translation by the "Golden Crown" systemis carried out instantly, without opening an account, in three currencies: rubles, dollars and euros. Tariffs are low (0.5-1.5%) and depend on the amount and the recipient country. In many regions there are restrictions on the maximum permissible commission, that is, large transfers are more profitable.

The transfer limits are set according to thefrom the currency legislation and the requirements of the payment system. To date, they are 600 thousand rubles, 20 000 dollars, 15 thousand euros. In Russia, there are such internal restrictions: for a day a resident can send to another country an amount that does not exceed the equivalent of $ 5,000.

How to translate?

It is necessary to contact any service pointwith a passport and the right amount on hand, call the operator a name, country, city, pay the transaction. The number of the transfer, which is indicated in the check, is to be notified to the recipient. The commission is paid by the sender.

gold crown online translation

When executing a transaction, branch employees mayoffer to issue a card to speed up the process. It can be used to send payments through cash self-service kiosks. They work the same way as any other terminals:

  1. Insert the card into the machine.
  2. Enter the PIN.
  3. Select the recipient from the list of available regions, which is determined when the card is issued.
  4. Specify the currency of the transfer.
  5. Enter cash (the cashier accepts only rubles).
  6. Confirm the translation.

As a result of the operation, a check is printed, indicating the transaction number, amount and recipient.

The card significantly speeds up the process, as it stores all the sender's data. They do not have to be re-entered in the application forms.


A great advantage of the system is the freeSMS-notification of transfer service. To use it, you need to fix two phone numbers in the application form: the sender and the recipient. The service is also convenient because the message immediately indicates the transfer number, that is, it is not required to re-record or memorize it.

system transfer gold crown

How and where can I get the translation of the "Golden Crown"?

Since transactions are unaddressed, it is possiblemake at any point of issue of the selected city. To receive the translation of the "Golden Crown" (SPb) you need to provide his number and passport. The legislation of the country may stipulate additional documents that will be required for the operation. Check the translation of the "Golden Crown" on the site of the payment system, specifying in the search only a tracking number. The form has a limitation on the number of digits. It will be difficult to make a mistake with entering data.

Where else can I get the translation "The Golden Crown"to the inhabitant of Russia? If you do not want to bother with cash in the cash desk of a bank or branch, you can transfer funds to the "Corn" card, issued by the MasterCard payment system. It is issued in the "Euroset" communication salons.

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For the clearance procedure you will need a passport and100 rubles, which are immediately credited to the account. The process takes about three minutes. Upon completion, the cardholder can make transfers, receive bonuses, pay for goods at retail outlets and utilities via the Internet, receive and repay loans. For the convenience of users, a personal account was created on the site of the payment system. To access it, you need to specify a barcode on the back of the card and the date of birth of the user. The password will be sent as an SMS message.

receive the transfer of the golden crown of St. Petersburg

The card can be used abroad. To confirm payment, you do not need to enter a PIN. It is enough just to sign a check. However, you do not need to keep large amounts of money on your account. Since the card is not personal, in case of losing it, fraudsters can use the money. With this payment instrument, money can be transferred in cash and from the account. If the card is with the sender and the recipient, then it is sufficient to indicate the number and the name of the owner to complete the application.

Advantages of payment system

  1. Speed. The transfer is available right after the number is assigned. To take into account only the mode of operation of local issuing points.
  2. Convenience. No-address transactions. Required details for sending only country and city. The recipient chooses the point of issue himself. You can change the data if the payment was sent, but not paid. But for this you have to apply to the branch.
  3. Notification. Track the status of the application can be through the site of the payment system or through SMS-informing. After processing the payment, the parties to the transaction receive the completion of the process. For comparison: users UNISTRIM must independently send a message about the transfer, Western Union for this service charges an additional commission.
  4. Simplicity. The sums of transfer without opening a bank account, although limited by the currency legislation of the country, but in general they are quite high.
  5. Reliability. The period of payment in the system is 60 days.translating golden crown privatbank

"The Golden Crown" in Ukraine

The system has been functioning since 2006,popularity is second only to WesternUnion. The restriction on the transaction amount per one transaction is 15 thousand UAH or the equivalent in foreign currency. Legislation sets a limit of 50 thousand UAH. In Ukraine, you can also draw up a card for making frequent transfers. You can get it only in a partner bank, but you can use it in self-service terminals with a cash reception function. The commission for payment to the CIS countries is 0.5-1%, in other states - 1.5%.

In which institution is it better to arrange a transfer"Gold Crown"? PrivatBank. It's not just a developed network of branches of the organization. Receive and send the transfer can be through the system "Privat24" without leaving home. The transaction is processed for 2-3 minutes, and the money for the card is credited instantly.


check the translation of the golden crown

"The Golden Crown" - a system of unaddressed moneytranslations. A small commission, reasonable limits, a large network of branches made it very popular. Where can I get the translation of the "Golden Crown"? In any partner bank. Depending on the recipient country, the tariff varies from 0.5% (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) to 1.5%. Money is available for cashing right after the transaction number is assigned. You can check the payment status on the website or via SMS-notification.

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