Where is Jurmala?

Jurmala is the birthplace of white quartz sand and the famous “New Wave”, where every year tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world spend their holidays. The largest Latvian resort is famous not only for its beaches and interesting events held in the city, but also for its culture and attractions. Our article will tell you where Jurmala is and what unique places you can visit at this popular resort.

Geographic location

Jūrmala is considered the largest resort city not only in Latvia, but also in all Baltic countries. Jurmala is located just 25 km from the capital, Riga, and is a long strip between the Lielupe River and the Gulf of Riga. No wonder that the literal translation of “Jurmala” means “the edge of the sea”.

The resort stretches along the coast for 30 km and consists of 15 villages, each of which has its own attractions and features. Among the settlements of the city the most famous are Lielupe, Majori, Kemeri, Bulduri and Asari. The center of the resort is the village Dubulti.

The population of Jurmala is about 56,000 inhabitants.The majority of the population is made up of Latvians, the Russians are in second place, then Belarusians, Ukrainians and Poles.


The resort town is located in a temperate maritime zone, which is so useful for people with various diseases, in particular, respiratory diseases. Here is a mild winter and a very short spring, since summer in Jurmala begins in May and pleases holidaymakers until October. Such a long swimming season gathers tourists from all over the world here. In addition, various wellness procedures and treatment, which can be taken in local health centers and health resorts, are becoming more popular every year.

In summer, the air temperature is about +23 degrees, and in winter - about -5 degrees. The temperature of sea water in summer is +20 ... + 23 degrees. It reaches its maximum temperature in mid-August. But it should be noted that this is the season when the most abundant rainfall begins in Jurmala, which lasts until October.


Concert Hall "Dzintari" is widely known for many festivals and concerts, which are held in it from year to year.The famous “New Wave”, “KVN” and “High Humor Week” are just a few of the events held in the concert hall.

National Park “Кемemeri” is included in the compulsory program for visiting tourists. Its territory occupies 38 hectares. First, here you can see a huge number of plants, almost a quarter of which are listed in the Red Book. Secondly, lovers of scenic landscapes will have something to admire. And, finally, people with various diseases, as well as for the purpose of their prevention should try sulfur baths. They gained popularity in the 18th century, when not only Latvians, but also foreigners began to come to the national reserve for recovery.

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