Where is Mexico located? Description and interesting facts

Mexico is a North American country. The diverse landscape, ancient buildings and beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast make it incredibly interesting for tourists. Today it is called the cradle of the ancient civilizations of the New World. Let's take a closer look at where Mexico is located (on which mainland) and what interesting facts we know about it.

Mexico General Information

This is the country that occupies the 14th place in the world in terms of area - it is 1,964,000 km². About 6,000 km ² are occupied by islands owned by the state. The population is 127.5 million people. The capital of the state is Mexico City. It is the largest Spanish-speaking city and financial center of North America. Where is Mexico and its mainland described in more detail in the next paragraph.

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Country location

The country is part of Latin America. This is the collective name of the states scattered throughout American land, which uses the group of Romance languages ​​(Spanish, Portuguese, French) as the main language.

North America is located in the north of the Western Hemisphere.Washed by the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans. It includes the USA, Canada, Greenland, etc. This is the only continent, all countries of which have access to the sea.

Mexico is located in the south of the mainland called North America. The north of the country is bordered by such states of the USA as California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona. In the southeast, Mexico is adjacent to the states of Central America, namely Guatemala and Belize.

It occupies the widest part of the isthmus connecting South and North America.

The territory where Mexico is located is washed by the Pacific Ocean (in the west and south), the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico (in the east).

Mexico is located on three lithospheric plates, but most of the country is located on the North American Plate, and only California Peninsula lies on the Pacific Plate and Cocos Plate.

This is the most seismically active region on the planet. Therefore, where Mexico is located, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not uncommon. Mexico is known for a unique volcanic system called the Transverse Volcanic Sierra. The most popular volcano is Popocatepetl.Associated with this volcano is a beautiful legend that was found among the Aztec manuscripts.

Where is Mexico in North America?

The country is also distinguished by its mountainous terrain. Most of its territory is occupied by the Mexican Highlands, on which there are several elevated mountain systems. The largest of them are the Western Sierra Madre and Serra Madre Eastern.

Ancient civilizations in Mexico

Why is it called the cradle of ancient civilizations? Where Mexico is today, the ancients once lived. Memories of them store buildings built in those centuries. The first people who lived here were the Olmecs.

And in the II century BC, the city of Teotihuacan ("where the gods were born") was built 50 km from Mexico City. The tribe that lived here was distinguished by a rich spiritual world, which was reflected in their mythology. The most revered god of the tribe was Teotihuacan - the god with the body of a snake covered with feathers of a bird. Scientists are still arguing which of the ancient peoples built this city.

Here lived and flourished Maya, Aztecs, and later the territory was conquered by the Spanish conquistadors. The abundance of ancient buildings of different eras and cultures makes Mexico one of the most interesting countries in the world.Mexicans are happy to show the amazing sights of the country to tourists - the ancient pyramids and ruins of cities built in the era of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, the underground river, museums and cathedrals - there is definitely something to see.

Mexico where its mainland

Mexican population

Today, the number of indigenous people of Mexico, Indians, is only 30% of the total population. 60% of the population are immigrants from Spain and Africa, who consider themselves simply "Mexicans."

Interesting fact! The country has a high level of obesity. This is due to the fact that there are few fruits and vegetables on sale. Most of the population eats semi-finished products, drinking them down with Coca-Cola.

where is mexico on which mainland

In 2005, there were 3.7 children per woman. But today, this figure is rapidly falling. The average life expectancy of Mexicans is 76 years.

The official language is Spanish, it is used by about 95% of the population. Moreover, 5% of residents use Indian dialects. Indians speak 60 different languages, the most common of which are Maya, Oboi, Nahuatl.

Most believers are Catholics.

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