Where is the ji point?

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Where is the ji point?

Sexual relations between a man and a woman always raised many questions and conjectures. Therefore, when Dr. Grafenberg declared a special zone inside the female vagina, interest in discovery flared up seriously. What is the point G (ji) and where it is located is described in this article.

Where is point G

In the middle of the 20th century, a German gynecologist made public his observations, which consist in the fact that there is a sensitive zone on the front wall of the vagina - an analogue of the prostate gland in men.

The studies that followed such a statement disproved the doctor’s data, but people all over the world continue to search for a point of particular pleasure, and many find it.

How to detect the point G in a woman

According to Grafenberg, the location of the zone is individual for each female. But in his wards, she was on the inner surface of the vagina, just behind the pubis at a depth of 2.6 - 7.2 cm. You can find it like this:

  1. point GThe girl should lie on her back and relax.Tension and concentration can interfere with the acquisition of sensations. Another important point: it is desirable to pre-empty the bladder, because stimulation of the anterior wall of the vagina leads to pressure on this organ.
  2. In the vagina you need to slowly insert the middle finger, with the pad up and gently massage the surface located behind the pubic area. Somewhere on the path of the fingertip there should be a small, barely noticeable bulge, which is a particularly sensual part of the female body.
  3. In addition, the girl herself should feel a pleasant sensation. When gently stroking the point found, soon the lady will feel signals, similar to the need to visit the toilet “in a small way”. If she relaxes, during this period an orgasm begins, accompanied by a palpation of the pulsation of that very point G.

If you really intend to find her on the female body, do not despair at the first unsuccessful attempt. It may take some time or use a different method. Some of the other search options for this zone are described in the article Where is point G.

Where is the man's point "ji"

As already mentioned, point G is an analogue of the prostate in men. Direct massage of this part of the body can lead to ejaculation and orgasm, even without stimulation of the penis.

The prostate covers the urethra and can only be reached by inserting fingers into the anus. The size of the iron resembles a large walnut. How to find it:

  1. Use a lubricant: unlike the genitals, the anus is not able to independently produce it. The nails should be very short, to avoid injury to the rectum, as an option, wear a medical fingertip or glove.
  2. Insert your finger into the anus with the pad up (if the man is lying on his back) and press down, with some effort, on the front wall.
  3. Finding a bulge in the prostate gland is just as difficult as the G zone in women. Finding the prostate, stroke it in a circular motion, focusing on the reaction partner.

This type of touch can be part of foreplay.

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