Where to go cheap rest?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
July 25, 2012
Where to go cheap rest?

The summer time has come and even those who were not lucky enough to get a vacation in this desired period do not give up hope, even if only for a short while, to get some rest. Where to go cheap rest in our time? Consider some of the most popular options.

First, consider the places where you can relax in Russia. The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is the Black Sea coast. A lot of people can afford to go on vacation under their own power. Today, housing in the south of Russia varies from elite to the level of economy class. You can get acquainted with the offers on numerous sites, where you can also book the number you like. If you want to save money on the road, then railway transport is quite suitable, providing second-class carriages.

In addition, you can relax inexpensively, going on a river cruise along the Volga or on the Siberian rivers. Such trips can last for several days or be long.Accordingly, this will vary the price. Also, travel companies offer numerous excursion tours in cities of Russia, for example, the famous tour of the Golden Ring of Russia.

Turkey has long been the favorite resort of Russians abroad. Rest there sometimes costs even cheaper than rest in the resorts of Russia. Even those who have not had a vacation for the summer can afford to go on a cheap vacation to the Turkish coast. For this tour operators in abundance offer weekend tours. That is, for a little money you can spend 3-4 days on the overseas coast.

It is very advantageous to rest on the so-called last minute trips. They can be purchased both at resorts in our country and abroad. The cost of such vouchers is significantly lower due to the fact that the departure is carried out within a few days after the acquisition of the tour. The disadvantage is some hurry charges, you need to be prepared in advance for the upcoming flight, but the savings on the flight are substantial.

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