Where to go in Odessa?

Elena Mikheeva
Elena Mikheeva
December 21, 2012
Where to go in Odessa?

This city, in itself, is a landmark. Odessa is unique and colorful, amazing and unique. Most travelers, thinking about where to go in Odessa on the first day of their arrival, prefer to take a leisurely walk around the city to look around and get acquainted with all the sights in order.

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Best of all, start the walk from the famous Greek Square, gradually heading towards the Transfiguration Street. Anyone from Odessa to the question: what to see in Odessa, first of all, will direct the tourist to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the oldest temple in Odessa, founded in 1794 and suffered a great number of shocks in its lifetime.

The heart of Odessa - Deribasovskaya street

Not far from the cathedral is located the heart of Odessa - the famous Deribasovskaya street, where every tourist considers his duty to go to Odessa. Initially, the street was named after Jose de Ribas - an honorary resident of the city, whose house was located juston this street. The legendary street of Odessa can be proud of its unique architecture, the absence of noisy cars and many cozy cafes.

Much of what every visitor of the city seeks in Odessa is built by the famous brothers Felix and José de Ribas, who are deservedly honored by Odessans to this day. For example, their efforts erected the first city park with singing fountains, in which today stands a monument to the great baritone of all time - Leonid Utesov, the monument “The Twelfth Chair” and many other sculptures, which over the years have become a real symbol of the city.

What to see in Odessa - Opera House

Odessa Opera House, built on Lanzheronovskaya Street, is an unsurpassed architectural masterpiece. This is the oldest theater not only in Odessa, but in all of Ukraine. The first building of the theater opened in 1810, and less than sixty years later it was completely destroyed during the disaster, as a result of a fire. At the end of the 19th century, architects Helmer and Fellner built the building of a modern theater, giving the city an amazing structure in the style of Viennese Baroque. The spacious auditorium is made in a fashionable, in those times, direction - later French rococo.

The acoustics in the theater are truly unique: in every corner of the hall you can clearly hear even the quietest whisper that comes from the stage.

Where to go in Odessa - ask the Odessa

Ask any Odessa citizen: where to go in Odessa, and every person who meets on the way will tell you with joy and friendliness about all the beauties and amazing places of their hometown. The cheerful, positive atmosphere of Odessa is another of its sight, against which you can not take pictures, you can not touch it or take it with you. But, you can feel it with all your heart, having fallen in love with this city, as well as its inhabitants forever, firmly and sincerely.

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