What is gout? According to the materials of the medical site, it is one of the forms of the inflammatory process in the joints, most often affecting the lower limbs and fingers, and occurs mainly in men.
The cause of the disease lies in the excess of uric acid in the body. Uric acid must be completely eliminated by the kidneys, however, as a result of various metabolic disorders, this process gets lost, and the above-mentioned substance begins to settle in the joints, which leads to inflammation.

Gout on the legs. How to treat?

Most often, gout occurs in people with overweight and high blood pressure, so following the rules of a healthy lifestyle - the use of the optimal amount of fluids, weight control, and the transition to a healthy diet plays a crucial role in preventing the disease.
Gout - inflammation of the jointsGout - inflammation of the joints
During the period of exacerbation of the disease, it is important to minimize the load on damaged joints. The doctor prescribes painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (reopirin, ketazon, colchicine), in the case of the transition to the chronic form - drugs,normalizing the exchange of uric acid (Benemid, allopurinal).

Treat gout at home

Acute pain, swelling, redness of the affected joints, fever are signs of a gout attack. In such a state, the patient must observe bed rest (the patient’s limb is better to give an exalted position), take large amounts of fluid and follow a special diet that excludes meat and fish products, alcohol.
To alleviate the condition and reduce pain, it is recommended to apply ice to the inflamed areas, apply dressings with Vishnevsky ointment. It is strictly forbidden to take aspirin - it adversely affects the excretion of uric acid and aggravates the course of the disease. Facilitate the condition of folk remedies, such as decoctions from the series, sage, chamomile, onion soup, apples and even lard or fish fillets - they can be used as a compress.

What doctor treats gout?

The treatment of gout is a rheumatologist. He diagnoses on the basis of various studies - a general blood test, determination of the level of uric acid, x-rays of the joints, after which he prescribes medication and gives recommendations regarding nutrition and physical activity.
Gout is a serious disease that can later lead to serious violations of the kidneys, so the editors of uznayvse.ru advise you to consult a doctor for the slightest symptoms in order to get qualified help.

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