What thermogun buy?

She began to manufacture various toys, crafts for the interior, hoops with flowers for children. For this kind of work you need a heat gun. Twice bought and burned out twice. What was wrong with them and where are the normal ones sold?
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Answered on August 4 23:56
So you probably bought cheap Chinese. They quickly become worthless if they work for a long time. For one-time use of such a gun is enough, but for large amounts of work you need something better.
Answered on August 5 00:03
Not necessarily Chinese thermoguns bad. You just got caught like that. But if you have large volumes of work, then you need to buy good models and preferably two at once - for small works and for gluing large areas. The first option may be simpler, and the second thermogun is better to take a more reliable, you can see different models on this site.
Answered on August 5 00:11
Take yourself a professional model - it will be faster and more convenient to work with it. And that was anti-drip glue. This is a saving glue, and accuracy of work.

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