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Who are helpful warming masks?

Recently, a friend advised me to buy a warming mask, which consists of berries and red pepper. She has this mask very much I liked it too, of course, and I suggested using it miracle remedy. But before buying not very cheap cosmetics, I always I consult with my beautician, as well as find out all the indications and contraindications to use.

warming up masks

So, the mask is really good, warming up masks Best for normal, dry and combination skin. Thanks the warming effect of the mask, the skin becomes soft and smooth, the blood circulation and the metabolism increases, the tone rises.Warming up masksmay with easily attributed to express care, because the amazing result of beneficial The effect of the mask on the skin is noticeable after the first application.

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warming up masks

Personally, I experienced the effect of the mask, based on entersbeeswax and honey. I am an ardent fan of natural cosmetics, therefore, I often cook it myself at home. And so, for cooking I needed a tablespoon of melted hot wax to warm up the mask two tablespoons of onion juice and a teaspoon of melted honey. All ingredients need to be mixed and put the mixture on the face, avoiding gentle skin around the eyes. Ten minutes later, the mask is removed using a damp cloth. and wash our face with cool water. Result: soft, soft, skin, smooth color. faces.

warming up masks

Another mask which I liked and is very easy to prepare, has a smoothing effect and perfectly fights fine wrinkles. One yolk rubbed with a spoon glycerol, add a spoonful of warm liquid honey and mix everything. The resulting mask I put it on my face for 20 minutes and then delete it using a cotton pad.

If you do not have the time or desire to cook warming masks yourself, I recommend to buy such tools in stores cosmetics or pharmacies. But remember that warming up masks are contraindicated people suffering from rosacea and rosacea. The store products are quite good. warming masks "Berries and red pepper", "Kiwi", "Egg and honey", "Mango and sea ​​buckthorn".

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