Why do we need animals?

“Animals are our smaller brothers” - this is what human morality teaches us. They give us aesthetic pleasure, productive communication, health and more. However, many have a question about why animals are needed. Let's think about it together.

Wild animals

All animals in the world do not exist separately by themselves, they are part of the natural chain. If there are mice, then they are destroyers of weeds and insects, and at the same time serve as food for larger predators. If there is a leopard, then he hunts an antelope, and the weakest fall into his mouth. So there is a natural selection and evolution of species. So why do we need animals of various kinds on Earth? To eat and be eaten. This is the most important law of nature, proved by Darwin.

Wild animals are useful to man. They study them in order to know what can be taken from them. It's no secret that the greatest discoveries were made thanks to animals. What is a zipper? This is a copy of the bird's feather, looking at him, invented the zipper. And where does the idea of ​​the plane come from? Of course, from the birds! Diseases are treated with shark cartilage, spirits are made of whale amber, energetic pantocrinum is taken from the hooves of deer.Even social laws are studied on the basis of beehives and anthills. But nothing of the hides, fangs, mustaches, glands and skin, which, they kill, kill animals and say nothing! Man has destroyed many species of wild animals, justifies himself the creation of the red book. So why do animals of the wild world need a reasonable man? They are the source of his inspiration, the thread connecting him with the universe. How much joy brings communication with wildlife! Remember the beautiful tigers, whales, dolphins, antelopes, kangaroos! They help us understand who we are on this earth.


All pets bring a person benefits: they give food, hides, wool, work for people, protect them. And they just bring joy! To understand why animals in the house are needed, we need to remember the story. She is very well told in Kipling's fairy tale "The cat that was walking by itself." The dog guards the house, the horse carries a man, the cow gives milk. Now this list can be added: pigs are a source of meat, chicken - meat and eggs of goat - wool and milk, sheep - wool and meat, cows - meat and milk. Well, that now revived horse breeding.There are few horses in the farms, but the best breeds now have a sufficient number. In addition to all the gifts we receive from pets, we undoubtedly see much more.

Communicating with animals, a person becomes kinder, more attentive, caring. And why do we need animals in a city apartment? The presence of a dog, cat, hamster or aquarium fish causes a child, adolescent to be responsible not only for himself, but also for another (maybe more than one) living creature. And this responsibility lays in the young soul kindness, love, sensitivity to all living things. Is this not enough? Such a person can never offend the beast or another person! Take care and love your animals!

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