Why does the weight increase?

In this article I will tell you about the reasons for the increaseweight. For men, it might be interesting to have a chapter on why weight increases after training, how critical it is and whether something can be done about it. And many women are interested in the question of why weight increases before menstruation. And we will start with more traditional causes of weight gain associated with an incorrect lifestyle or with nutrition.

Why the weight grows: the main reasons

Weight gain, in contrast to weight loss, asThe rule does not indicate that a person has any disease. Most often, the cause of weight gain is much more prosaic. If you notice that you have gradually gained extra pounds, first of all, look at your lifestyle and honestly answer the question: do I eat right, am I moving enough? Malnutrition is not necessarily fatty food. You can eat a little fatty food and start to recover. The point is: how regularly do you eat and how much do you eat in one sitting. As an illustrative example, I will bring you Sumo wrestlers: they eat no more than twice a day, but at a time they can eat as much food as a normal person does not dream. Just remember the scene from the work of one of the classics, in which the merchant went to a tavern, ordered several poultry and pies with meat and fish, ate them, then patted his stomach and said: "Well, now you can serve dinner!". Here is the most characteristic example of malnutrition. Therefore, the conclusion: it is better to eat less, but more often, more, but less often. Of course, you need to show at least some motor activity - to do gymnastics, even the most simple and short, walk. This is especially important if your work activity is connected with a computer or you are sedentary.

Why weight increases before monthly

The most common reason for this -Awakening incredible appetite before critical days. The female organism during this period often requires additional sources of nutrition and energy, hence - a significantly increasing appetite. Scientists have noticed that a few days before menstruation, the content of progesterone, the hormone responsible for pregnancy, is significantly increased in women. And it is known that pregnant women need enhanced nutrition. That is, during menstruation the weight increases, primarily because the corresponding hormone provokes the digestive system to increase the volume of food intake. What can be done about this? First of all, of course, do not let the body "relax" this way. This does not mean that there is no need. It is necessary, but the consumption of food should be somehow controlled. Next, you need to keep track of how many extra hundred grams you typed after the next cycle. Consider yourself: the extra 200-300 grams every month will fill you up every year at 2.4-3.6 kg. A solid increase, is not it? So, you need to remove the settled fat with exercise and increased physical activity.

Weight and Sports

If the weight has increased after exercise, it is notit means that something is wrong with you. As a rule, weight gain is observed in those who have just started to study. And this is not because you have a muscle mass. Muscles do not grow quickly, but they are still involved in weight gain. The fact is that after the first training the muscles can not easily cope with the almost extreme loads for them, which means that they require an increase in the supply of nutrients to them. And in order to supply them with nutrition, intensive circulation of blood and other nutrient fluids is required, which, accumulating in the muscles, is the main cause of weight gain, since they contain a special substance called glycogen, which retains the liquid. However, after adaptation to the load, the metabolism is accelerated, and excess fluid goes away, and along with it, the kilograms that are recruited also go away.

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