Why dream the same dream?

Almost every person in his life once saw or at least heard of such a phenomenon as a recurring dream. It is a series of dreams that a person sees for a long time, with the same plot. Often the details of such a dream can change, but the main meaning remains the same. Experts, answering the question why the same dream is dreaming, are primarily inclined to talk about the psychological problems of the dreamer, to which the subconscious points to him. However, some believe that the recurrence of sleep can also signal problems with physical health or mean a warning over something important.

Psychological problems

Psychologists most often associate images of recurring sleep with specific psychological problems that occur in a person’s life. The dreamer does not pay attention to such difficulties in his daily bustle or is simply not able to fully understand them. The subconscious mind tries to reach the person through the same dream.On the features of the phenomenon of sleep, read more in our article: Why dreams.

So, there are a number of typical recurring dreams, the plots of which indicate, according to psychologists, the specific aspirations or fears of the dreamer:

  • flying in a dream;
  • falling in a dream;
  • hurry in a dream;
  • dreams about exams;
  • appearance in a dream in indecent form.

When asked why one and the same dream dreams of flying, psychologists answer that it speaks about the desire of a person to gain inner freedom and independence. Such dreams simultaneously indicate that the dreamer is dissatisfied with reality and feels constrained in life.

Falls in such dreams signify the fear of any failure, the collapse of hopes that are associated with something important enough for the dreamer. The state of haste, which is repeated in dreams, speaks of missed opportunities and the inability of a person to find his place in life.

Repeating dreams in which the dreamer sees himself in the exam, for which he was not prepared or forgot the material studied, indicate anxiety and lack of confidence in his own abilities. That is, a person who dreams of such dreams feels like a subject of evaluation, and probably also critics.

Almost the same applies to the appearance in recurring dreams in indecent (often bare or too strange) form, attracting universal attention. This means that the dreamer is very afraid to be the subject of censure, disapproval and even humiliation for others.

Physiological problems

Some neurologists and psychologists agree that often repeated dreams indicate the development of a disease in the human body. Thus, the subconscious warns the dreamer about the disease long before the manifestation of his symptoms. Experts distinguish specific repetitive images that signal the presence of a particular disease:

  • food that is spoiled or unpleasant in appearance, nausea and vomiting - problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • severe fear of death, injury or impact on the chest - heart disease;
  • insects crawling on the surface of the body - skin problems;
  • constricted breathing, cramped, uncomfortable clothing, feeling of suffocation in sleep - lung diseases;
  • tight hairstyles, narrow headdresses - problems with the head;
  • cold showers, ice baths or bathing in cool water in general are catarrhal diseases.

Psychologists say that the repetition of the same dream will continue until the problem, which he signals, is resolved. The interval between such dreams can vary from several days to several years. To stop the repetition of obsessive dreams, you can set yourself up for positive thoughts before going to sleep, think about something pleasant that you would like to see in a dream later.

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