Why dream worms? Is it always bad?

Why dream worms? The interpretation of the image depends on what exactly you saw them. The worms living in your body may remind you that not all people around you have a feeling of sincere friendship to you. The circle of constant communication includes those who want to take advantage of your gullibility and openness in their personal interests. In this case, the main thing in their intrigues will be profit at your expense. You need to carefully monitor your business after such a warning.

what dream wormsWorms in a dream - to profit?

There is a different interpretation of dreams about parasites. To see them on the body is a sign of profit that a person who suddenly sees such an unpleasant image will suddenly receive. The more worms - the more money the dreamer will receive in real life. Some dream books associate the appearance of worms in a dream with a parasitic lifestyle. If you do not have the intention to take care of your daily bread, then this image should please you, as it will predict the appearance of your source of income, not associated with hard work. All your material needs will be paid for by a sponsor, kind and reliable.

What dreams worms sick person

The interpretation of dreams about worms for a person struck down by an illness is not optimistic. This night vision foreshadows exacerbation of the disease. You need to take it as a warning and take up the treatment with renewed vigor. A dream about worms in any interpretation foreshadows a new round of illness.

interpretation of dreams in IslamWorms in the Islamic Dreambook

A completely different meaning of the vision of parasites is given by the Islamic dream book. His interpretation is more positive. Thus, the interpretation of dreams in Islam binds worms with children. That is, the worms that live in a person are heirs or other relatives who are on your content. If the worms leave the body, then children will soon go to the free bread, will take care of themselves. In addition, worms on clothing, in accordance with the Islamic dream book, can mean gossip and slander. To cope with the situation will help the purity of thoughts and the firm position of the one who had a dream. Trouble is recommended to meet face to face. Armed with patience and wisdom, you need to wait for future events, clarifying for others all the misunderstandings, not leaving omissions in the problem under discussion, so that the gossipers and intriguers would not be able to weave their dirty networks.

interpretation of dreams horoscopeWhy dream of worms on the skin

This unpleasant dream can be interpreted in two ways. The disgusting feeling that parasites crawl along your body can mean equally undesirable events in life. This may be a meeting with a cunning, resourceful man, who will not be prevented from being prevented. Or maybe the disease will tear you away from solving important problems for a while.

Sleep about worms and astrology

You must consider your zodiac sign when you want to know the meaning of dreams. The horoscope will tell you who the worms promise profit, and to whom - the trouble. So, meeting fire signs with parasites does not bode well for fire signs. And for representatives of the Earth, worms, even in the most unpleasant dream, are likely to foreshadow big money.

Features of dreams about parasites

And why do worms dream of people engaged in self-improvement? This image of a person aspiring to his spiritual development will say that a certain problem has been overcome, over which he has been working for quite a long time. Now we should set a different, more serious task.

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