Why Goof - Goof?

Roman Zhdanov
Roman Zhdanov
December 25, 2012
Why Goof - Goof?

The famous scandalous rapper Guf is always on the heels of Russian fans of hip hop culture. His popularity is undeniable. All fans of the artist tormented by the question: why Goof - Goof? Where did this nickname come from?

Despite the fact that millions of fans would like to find an answer to this question, there is no answer. No official response. Guf does not consider it necessary to respond to it, and therefore we can only guess and guess.

The most distinct assumption is the formation of “GUF” by shortening the name of the character from the Walt Disney cartoon - Goofy. Alexey Dolmatov's indifference (he is Guf) to this character is obvious. In the lyrics of this track, the mention of this character more than once jumps: “Look, or the dog from the cartoon will accidentally bite” or “Thank you to that lady whose Goofy from the cartoon is stuffed on the waist”.

The wife of Guf, Ayza Dolmatova, has a tattoo on her lower back in the shape of a Goofy dog ​​from the aforementioned Disney cartoon. Communication is visible to the naked eye.Perhaps the reason for this: Goofy - Isa's favorite character, but what can you not do for his beloved. This explains why Goof - Goof.

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