Windshield replacement

On my Audi 80 burst windshield, when meeting with a stone. Plus there are minor scratches. I want to put a new one. Who has already done the replacement of glass, tell us about the nuances.
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Borisov Yuri
Borisov Yuri
Answered on February 7, 13:50
I am also thinking about replacing, but I have another problem. After the winter, there are scratches from the scraper, if the sun is shining, it is very noticeable and interferes with the view
Answered on February 7, 14:00
I also encountered such a problem, although I treated my glass very carefully. I always waited until the snow thawed (or spattered with a defroster), and only then I cleaned it with a rubber trowel. I think to do glass polishing, such a procedure should be cheaper than replacing it.
Answered on February 7, 14:13
Buy a windshield on the Audi 80, you can for example here, look or look for other options that suit you. You can choose a glass with different types of spraying. Most probably you should not install it. One inaccurate movement and glass will be poorly installed and will leak moisture.It is better to entrust such work to specialists.

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