With what to wear trousers?

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With what to wear trousers?

Pants are one of the main components of theonly male, but also female wardrobe. But very often their cut, color and material makes us make all our imagination to come up with appropriate shoes and clothes. Therefore, in this article, we'll figure out what to wear trousers to men and women, what style looks with the specific footwear and clothes most harmoniously, and also how to combine the color of trousers with other items of the wardrobe.

Men's trousers

To pick up clothes that match with men's clothestrousers, you must first rely on their style, length and width. With what to wear classic pants for men? Of course, the ideal option for a classic style is the combination of black trousers or another dark shade with a shade of light tone. It is not necessary to wear white shirts with a tie with black trousers. This style is suitable for the most formal events or responsible meetings. In such cases, a strict jacket should be added to the shirt, and a classic butterfly replaces the tie for an elite party. Shoes and socks should also harmonize in color and style. Remember that the socks should be chosen according to the color of the trousers, otherwise you will not be able to avoid an awkward position. Another golden rule is wearing a belt: even if the classic pants sit perfectly, they need to be worn with a strap under the color.

At work, classic pants can be worn aslight shirt, and with a light jumper of soft colors. By the way, you can put a shirt on and under it. In this case, the presence of a jacket is more free style. It is important to note that classic wide-cut trousers perfectly hide the curvature of the legs in both men and women. By the way, on the topic read our article Crooked legs: what to wear.

With what to wear gray trousers

If you are interested in what to wear gray pantsman, you can offer two main options. For work, gray trousers blend well with a shirt of blue shades, and in a cold time - with a jacket for color. It is not necessary that they are from the same kit. The main thing is that the material and style look harmonious. Also it should be remembered that the classic style of trousers is better combined with a shirt, tucked under them. Shirt lash is an element for a relaxed atmosphere, which does not match the strict style. Read also our article How to wear a suit.

The second option is suitable for meeting friends andother informal situations. Here you can put on a pullover, loose sweatshirt and even a bright turtleneck: the gray fits perfectly with many variegated colors. For a hot season, linen pants of light shades are ideal. Here they are recommended to combine with loose shirts over trousers. It is desirable that they were made from natural fabrics.

Women's pants

There may be more options here,because fashion trends today offer a beautiful floor a wide selection of different styles and shades of trousers. Do you know what to wear with black trousers? But this is again a classic, so they look best with a white or light shirt, fitting a bust. Instead, you can also put on a semi-transparent monophonic blouse and add a jacket for the severity of the style.

If you do not need a business style today,then black trousers can be worn with a sweater, and with a turtleneck. As you know, black color is combined with almost any shade. The most interesting thing is that stylists today are not advised to wear black trousers with the same top, as this creates a dull and even gloomy image. On the contrary, they recommend contrasts of colors. So boldly combine the black pants with bright and colorful shirts, blouses and blouses.

With what to wear tight pants

Of course, narrow pants can afford farnot every woman. On the one hand, if you have magnificent forms, they are once again stressed. And on the other - if you are very thin, then your legs may look in tight pants with thin matches. Together with this, modern women of fashion choose this style more and more, coming up with various clothes and footwear for him. And it should be noted thatpantsit looks very often very stylish.

The main rule for wearing narrow trousers, perhaps,is the presence of a free top. Similarly, the wide pants most harmoniously combined with tight-fitting blouses, t-shirts and sweaters. So, putting on trousers of narrow cut, pick up to them a spacious pullover or a long cardigan in the cold time, and in the summer combine them with blouses and wide shirts that cover the hips.

For an elegant image, clothes should be addedhigh-heeled shoes. This visually lengthens the legs. Of course, if you are going to a meeting with friends or just walking, such pants can be worn with ballets or even sneakers. The main thing is not to contradict the general style of clothing.

With what to wear leather trousers

Pants from the skin like to wear is not all. There is an opinion that such clothes arepantsan indispensable component of rock culture. However, more and more often it goes beyond these familiar frames and little by little it becomes an option for the everyday image.

Leather pants are perfectly combined witha jacket or a T-shirt. They can be worn with a loose-cut checkered shirt. Shoes under this style also require a separate approach. It is best to choose grinders or coarse shoes like men's. Although in some cases, fit and black high-heeled shoes.

What to wear short pants

Pants that open the ankle, every yearincreasingly become an element of creating a feminine and romantic image. In addition, this style is easily combined with a variety of clothes and shoes. Short pants, narrowed down, you canpantswear with blouses to the waist and loose jackets and cardigans covering it. Volumetric sweaters and openwork jackets also look like shortened trousers very effectively.

With what shoes do you wear trousers of a shortened style? In this matter it is better to choose sophisticated models that emphasize the elegance of the female foot. Boats and ballet shoes are considered an ideal option. A high heel or heavy platform can disrupt the ease and ease of the image, and sneakers and sneakers lead him to a sporty style. Therefore, it is better to refuse them and choose not too high and simultaneously feminine shoes.

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