Women's fashion hats. Fashionable Knitted Hats: Knitting Patterns

For the sake of beauty, you can go to much, even learnto knit. It is especially important to buy this skill this year, because in the trend all sorts of accessories in the style of hand made. First of all it concerns headdresses. Today, the hat should not only be stylish, but also fulfill its main task - to protect the head from wind, snow and frost.

What is fashionable this season?

The world of fashion does not stop bringing bright colors togray city everyday life. Colored colors are always at the height of popularity. But the classical gamma also does not lose its relevance: pure rainbow shades, gray tones, pastel coloring.

Fashionable hats of this season are pleasing with a variety of styles. But we did not wait for any extravagant or outrageous tricks from the designers in the sphere of hats.

fashionable hatsAbout the models - everything is fashionable: from snore to budenovka. Let's start in order.

What styles are especially popular this season?

Answer this question - means to list all the existing varieties of winter hats. Depending on the preferences, you can choose any fashionable hats - winter is not terrible for you.

Special attention should be paid to ultra-popular styles. These are knitted crocheted hats with knitting needles:

  • Classic with a pompon - similar to a nursery;
  • kepi with a visor - there are many options for execution;
  • a la la Budenovka - caps around the ears that are lengthened near the ears;
  • stockings - sewn at the end of a knitted "pipe";
  • snood - scarf with sewn to each other ends.

Stylists advise to pay attention to combinationsheaddresses and additional accessories. Colors offer to choose not only in accordance with the fashion trends, but also those that create a bright and fervent contrast.

women's fashion hatsLet them say that women's hats, fashionable styles - this is the peak of complexity and skill. We present a brief description of the styles, "lifhak" for wearing and simple schemes of fashionable hats.

Classic hat with pompon

Not so long ago, hats with pompons were worn onlylittle children, and the classic cone with a soft ball was considered almost shameful for a young lady. The simplest model will be possible even for a beginner, if he distinguishes between the front and back loops, and can also type them. Actually, that's all. The number of loops needed to grab the head is typed. This will be the width of our cap. Then proceed as fantasy tells.

Use one color scheme or several,do geometric patterns, combine different threads. This will give you an author's product that will taste not only you, but also attract the attention of others. Unclear obviously not stay.

In order to get a classic hat,which will suit both the voluminous down jacket, and a short jacket, it is worth knitting with an elastic band 1x1 or 2x2. We make a wide scarf. When the length of the segment is enough to completely cover the head - just pull together and stitch along the length. It remains only to sew a pompon out of thread or fur.

If you like wearing caps with a lapel, thenshould be tied exactly as much as you plan to bend. To fix, use conventional threads. It is enough to make a few stitches from three to four sides.

Romantic people can make fashionable hatsknitting needles with the addition of a variety of braids, patterns, embroidery. Suffice original look hats, which instead of the bubo sewn a small fox or wolf tail.

Caps with visor

A classic knitted hat with a pompon is beautifulgets on with a small peak. Its original will make a large and stable canopy, like a baseball cap. The more non-standard his form is, the better. But you should not forget about functionality.

fashionable hats with knitting needlesDo not disdain the masters of knitting and addingwide and short visor to the volumetric beret. He gives the usual headgear a special charm. In addition, this takes universal. With a successful choice of color and style, it perfectly complements both a luxurious fur coat and a rocker jacket.

The visor is not worth adding to the small berets of the classic look. In addition to the canopy, the crocheted "ears" will also be a useful addition to the usual cap, so as not to freeze in the cold.


Sharply broke and fixed in the wardrobethe fair sex of women's hats, fashionable in this season - Budenovka. The modern variant is a short pointed headdress with elongations on the sides. Most often these fashionable hats are knitted completely from the back of the loops, because of what they look monolithic. The secret of Budenovka is that it should fit as close as possible to the head. Otherwise, he will not keep his form.

But where without experiment? Winter hats-budenovki long ago went beyond the framework of its classical form: braids, cones, strips, circles. What can not you see on modern headgear.

fashionable winter hatsIt will be useful to add a few words about the lining. Wool, especially if it is tightly seated, severely spoils the hair and causes an unpleasant itch. To avoid this, it is enough to sew a silk lining.

Caps stockings

Stockings are something like a jester's cap. In fact, they knit very simply. As in the case of a classical hat with a pompon, a cloth of the desired width is sewn to cover the volume of the head, sewn along the length, but the top is not pulled together into a bundle, but is sewn along. It looks like a popular hat for boys, from the times of the Soviet Union, with a scallop.

It is put on as you please. You can turn the edge of the cap and tighten it with a seam almost to the head. And you can make a free, seam and the rest of the fabric to go down to one side.

The main condition when wearing - the seam shouldto be located from the forehead to the top. If you do not sew up, you can get something in between a snore and a stocking-hood. That's where the real expanse for experiments.


Snood is a tailored scarf, which is two timeswraps around the neck, one part rises to the head, and the other stays. It can be safely worn as a scarf. Unusually looks like a knitted accessory, if both of its parts are raised on the head and twisted like a turban.

Knitting snows as a classic elastic, andbraids or other patterns. This headpiece is a real transformer. This is a shawl, and ensemble of a hat and scarf, and even a boa. Entering the room, you do not have to wear a snuff in your hands or look for a place. Just unwrap it and wrap it around your neck like a scarf, or dip it on your shoulders with a soft and cozy shawl.

fashionable knitted winter hatsUnusually look double snodes. It is necessary to tie the scarf twice as wide as the finished product should be. At first, the edges are sewn along the length, then we fix the ends of the formed pipe to each other. In addition to the unusual appearance, we get a very warm accessory for any frost.

schemes of fashionable hats


Even the most fashionable hats need a supplement. Trend of the season is flowers. A massive and voluminous brooch in the form of a rose will decorate any cap. And it is not necessary that the flowers were described by botanists. They can be either very real or fictitious. Of the materials, the emphasis is on plastic, although designers and precious metals do not disdain, but then the size of the decoration should be at times more modest.

Fashionable knitted hats this winter advisedecorate and zipper. But do not use them for different applications, as well as rims, jewelry, replacing lace. The original flower, inlaid with clasps, split in two, complement the cap of any type: from classic to daring and rigorous and youth. The main thing - do not overdo it and successfully position them so as not to damage the face and does not cling to hair.

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