Before you go abroad to conquer new heights of your activity, it is worth conducting some analysis and studying the information received. In this matter, it is very important to know in which country you can apply your skills, where it will be easier to get settled and more comfortable to live, what you need to know and what documents to have and much more. Aware - it means armed. This proverb is appropriate here as nowhere.

Work abroad has helped many improve their financial situation.Work abroad has helped many improve their financial situation.

What specialists are in demand abroad?

One third of the population of our country are working or are going to work abroad. Such activity attracts significantly higher wages and improved working conditions. Finding work abroad is not so difficult, especially if you have the necessary diploma. The most demanded can be called the work of a nurse. This is due to the growing number of aging people who require special care, and their relatives are busy and ready to pay for taking care of their loved one.Doctors are no less deficient, for example, in Germany this is the most highly paid profession. The acute shortage of physicians in New Zealand, Australia, Finland. Also, IT specialists will be welcome abroad, because this area is developing very quickly. Engineers, accountants and civil engineering specialists will find work without difficulty. Operators and managers will be able to work in countries such as China, Holland, Switzerland and France.
Without language, you can count on unskilled workWithout language, you can count on unskilled work

Can I find a job without knowing the language?

Yes it is real. For example, in the Work and Travel program, it would seem necessary to know English, but in fact there is enough of a conversational minimum (May him from Tanya, i'm from a rush). In the early days, a short language course will help navigate this minimum. But, agreeing to such work, you need to understand the following nuances:
• Work will be temporary. If you manage to learn the language, to present yourself correctly, to show your abilities and skills, then you can count on official employment and promotion.
• Activities may not be official.
• When working there is no need to communicate with customers
The most common vacancies with no knowledge of the language are the posts of a janitor, a harvester, and an employee of a construction brigade.
Easy to find work abroad during harvestEasy to find work abroad during harvest

Where to go?

The most popular countries for the work of our citizens are the USA and the nearest powers of Europe. America attracts simple programs on the labor market, and European countries have their proximity and cheap border crossing.
Before you choose a country, you should consider the following factors:
• Degree of language proficiency. The higher you want to get a position, the better you should know the language, and even not one.
• Field of activity. It is better to go with the already confident knowledge in which area to apply yourself. If you are applying for a long-term job, you should definitely have a diploma of higher education and work experience.
Good specialists with knowledge of the language needed by allGood specialists with knowledge of the language needed by all
• Payment. You need to find out how much will be the cost of accommodation and meals in the country to which you are going, and accordingly take into account that the salary covers these expenses. The best option is to get a job in a company that pays for housing and medical insurance.
• Be sure to correctly write a resume. This will greatly increase the odds.
• Proper paperwork that will provide you with a legal place.
• Be familiar with the law and the law of the country.

Where better to go?

• United Kingdom. Find a job here is not easy. First, it is necessary to ideally know English. Secondly, the complexity of the laws adopted in 2014, which limit the work of immigrants. Only a highly qualified job seeker can get a job here. Work in service or a laborer can only be illegal.
• Italy. It’s easy to find a job, especially for women. Vacancies of waitresses, maids, carers, cleaners are relevant. Minimum requirements for workers in the south of the country. It is possible to go without knowing the language, if you are lucky, the employer will pay for his courses.
Good doctors are needed everywhereGood doctors are needed everywhere
• Germany. Highly qualified specialists in the fields of electronics, electricians, mechanical engineering, as well as in science are in demand here. Another luck smiles and handyman. Women are more likely to get involved in the service industry. Good knowledge of the language increases the range of opportunities and salaries.It is dangerous to work illegally, do not risk it.
• Spain. It is very developed livestock and agriculture, so often require seasonal staff. This country is popular for earning students and unskilled workers without knowledge of the language. Immigrants who know Spanish and English will be easily accommodated by a guide, translator, or waiter. High qualification in medicine, management and industry is also appreciated.
• Canada. The most open country for immigration. Knowledge of English and French is welcome. There is a shortage of specialists in the field of oil and gas production, medicine, management, law, and engineering. Anyone working in Canada can count on government protection.
• Australia. It requires both professionals and applicants without qualifications. Russians are valued for their high working ability and efficiency. But in this country it is rarely possible to get a high position at once, you should go through the whole career ladder. You can count on the work of a medic, engineer, computer technician, welder, builder, electrician.
Work abroad and work in a foreign company: tips on making a resume in linkedin

What documents will be required to work abroad?

The following documents are required:
1. Passport
2. Work visa
3. Birth certificate
4. Diplomas confirming your professional skills
5. Certificate of employment, indicating the experience in the required position. Can be replaced with an extract from the workbook
6. Medical insurance and medical certificate 082 / U.
7. Certificate of Non-conviction
8. Photos
Do not forget to scan all documents.Do not forget to scan all documents.

How to get a work permit in the European Union?

An immigrant gets a job in the country where his company is registered. There is no single work permit in the European Union. The issuance of a permit depends on the employment and immigration services. The employment service checks whether a person with a European passport has not really been found for a given place. The immigration service checks whether entry into the country is legal, whether there are any contacts with the criminal world, whether you can not present a terrorist threat. If everything converges, the contract is signed and you can get to work.
How to open a visa in the EU (Schengen)

Work abroad programs

Work and Travel- The program allows you to learn a foreign language well, make new acquaintances and find the best place to work. A great option if you want to join the American culture. Most of the available vacancies relate to the service sector. You can find a workplace yourself or choose from those offered by the program.
Intership- allows you to consolidate knowledge and replenish experience. The program is mainly designed for the last year students who are willing to work abroad in their specialty. They will receive a scholarship of 1200-1500 dollars. You must know English and preferably French.
Au pair- This is an inexpensive exchange program abroad. An overseas family will accept and fully provide you, but you need to be assisted in domestic matters, child care, and cooking. The best option for polishing the knowledge of the language and gaining irreplaceable experience.
Academic Yaer Program- exchange program, which is designed for schoolchildren aged 15-18. Thus, you can earn thanks to their knowledge in IT-technologies. It is planned to study in one of the American schools for 1-2 semesters.
Work abroad.

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