Are you a gambler?

Do you place bets? Did you manage to win good amounts? And how do you handle blocking your favorite resources? I wanted to talk on this topic and find like-minded people.
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Answered on April 22 07:04
I can not say that I am a very passionate person. But I definitely like to bet sometimes. And locking resources is not a problem. After all, bookmakers have long learned to bypass them. For example, here you can read about a 1xBet mirror. I don’t think there is any sense in locks. After all, organizations still continue to exist.
Answered on April 22 07:07
I'm a 100% reckless person. I play the lottery, I bet. Not to say that I win a lot. But I do not go to minus. For me, this is not a way to make money, but simply entertainment.
Answered on April 22 07:15
I myself do not support gambling. But my brother is constantly playing. And this is a pernicious addiction. He lost his family because of this. That for someone entertainment, for another - hell.

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