ZIL-4502: overview, technical specifications

The car ZIL-130 is a real legend of the Sovietcar industry. These trucks were used in all spheres of the national economy. On the basis of the 130th, many modifications were created. One of these is ZIL-4502. Technical characteristics of it will be considered in our today's article.

general characteristics

The car was produced serially since 1975. It differs from the 130th model with a dump body and a shorter base. Has a trailing device. Due to this, it can work with tipper trailers with a gross weight of up to 7 tons. Also model 4502 is often combined with the abbreviation MMZ. The matter is that the dumper was produced at the Mytishchi machine-building plant. With the collapse of the USSR, the truck was discontinued.


For the basis was taken truck ZIL-130. In fact, ZIL-4502 is no different from its "ancestor", with the exception of a dump body. The cabin is still the same, which is put on all ZILs since the year 62. The basic colors of the color are blue and green. By the way, the grille of many 450Z ZIL models was white. The same scheme was practiced at GAZ's in the USSR. Headlights of the simplest form, turn signals and parking lights are just above the head optics. On wide wings there is a turn signal repeater. The bumper, as is customary on all trucks of that time, is metallic.zil 4502 There are two massive towing hooks in front. The machine has a high ground clearance and no less high position of the bumper. To get close to the hood, you need to try hard. Therefore, craftsmen crafted a small footboard. You can see it in the photo above. By the way, the ride height was 33 centimeters. This allowed not only to make repairs in the absence of a lift, but also to move smoothly off-road. Recall, the truck was created for the national economy.


The cabin in the car is designed for three seats,including two passenger ones. Unlike the GAZON of those years (and this is the 53rd model), there is no common sofa. The driver's seat is separated from the passenger. The seat itself is devoid of any lateral and lumbar support. It was very difficult to move on this car for long distances. In the cockpit there is no noise and thermal insulation.body zil 4502 In the winter it quickly cooled down, and on the way was heardconstant engine noise. There is no plastic finish in the salon. The doors and the front panel are part of the cabin and are made of bare metal. On the floor there is a solid rubber mat. By the way, folk craftsmen laid Soviet linoleum here. The instrument panel is rather archaic. The steering wheel has no adjustments. In the center of the panel is a small glove compartment with technical inscriptions. In general, the cabin ZILa was similar to GAZonovskaya in terms of comfort, and the location of controls.


Under the hood of the car was a gasolinein-line engine with overhead valves. The power unit was marked with ZiL-157D. Unlike the 130th ZIL, this dump truck used a 6-cylinder engine.characteristic zil 4502 Its working volume was 5.4 liters. The unit was deformed, so the factory compression was only 6.5 points. The maximum power did not exceed 110 horsepower. The only plus of such a technical solution is the engine's ability to consume low-octane fuel. The car was designed for the 72nd gasoline. Now it is difficult to find it on ordinary petrol stations. But about the quality of fuel you do not have to worry. ZIL "digests" any gasoline. Overclocking to a hundred was not regulated for obvious reasons, but the maximum speed was 90 kilometers per hour.

Transmission, load-carrying capacity, bodywork

The truck was equipped with a manual transmission. Its main difference is the lack of synchronizers. To switch to an increased series of gears, you need to use a double clutch release with a gasket. Often the transmissions included with a crunch and very tight. For ZIL, this was considered the norm.zil 4502 specificationsThe car has a carrying capacity of 5 tons atown weight of 4.8. Also here was a reclining body. ZIL-4502 could accommodate up to 3.8 cubic meters of bulk materials. The body was thrown back by means of hydraulics, from the power take-off shaft. The angle of ascent is 50 degrees. Lifting time of the dump body is 15 seconds.

ZIL-MMZ-4502: undercarriage

The truck is built on a classic frameladder type with two stamped side members connected by five beams on rivets. On the front axle is a suspension suspension (pinball beam) of the spring type. The rear axle also has springs - two main leaves and two extra ones. Care of the suspension consists in the periodic screwing of the pivots and the lubrication of the spring fingers. The shock absorbers go for a very long time. Brake system - pneumatic type. Drums are installed on both axes.

ZIL today

As the characteristic shows, ZIL-4502 ishopelessly outdated truck for today. And this is explained not only by the lack of basic driver comfort, but also by high fuel consumption. For a hundred this "swallow" consumes 35 liters of gasoline.zil mmz 4502 running gear Even with the installation of gas equipmentthe exploitation of ZIL-4502 causes losses. Due to the large age, the machine often breaks down. Problems are observed with both the carburetor and the box. It is often necessary to repair the ignition system. Some install a diesel engine from Bull. But even with this engine, ZIL is much inferior to modern GAZ, and even more so foreign cars.

So, we found out what the ZIL-4502 has technical characteristics.

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