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Ilya Lapidus, better known as Zippo,whose biography is almost never described, is a popular Ukrainian rap artist from Kiev. The artist was born on March 7, 1998 in Nikolaev. Despite his young age, Ilya has more than 600,000 subscribers in social networks and to date, according to the rapper ratings of HipRap, is among the top 20 most popular Russian hip-hop artists.

zippo biography

The beginning of the creative path

Singer Zippo began to write the first tracks very early. The debut song of the artist was the song "Smoke often", which after the release was instantly a hit in Runet and is still very popular. In addition, a video clip was recorded for this work. The popularity of the singer sharply grows thanks to the loud and sonorous voice of Ilya, as well as his pleasant appearance. Rapper Zippo, whose biography is full of mysteries, some time after the release of the first track, releases its debut album "Unforgettable" in 2013, which included 16 tracks. The release tracklist can be viewed below.

Zippo: "Unforgettable"

  1. "Became strangers" (With the participation of Jios & VitalyaM'b).
  2. "Breath".
  3. "Mercantile".
  4. "The Divine Comedy".
  5. "It remains for us".
  6. "I wanted another life."
  7. "Winter".
  8. "River".
  9. "Unforgettably".
  10. "Those times."
  11. "The rest of the words."
  12. "You smoke often."
  13. "City of roads."
  14. "Remember."
  15. "Heaven, what lies ahead."
  16. "My world".

singer zippo biography

The album immediately flies into numerous tops and ratings, Zippo becomes the star of Russian rap, and his friends, with whom he makes joint songs, become celebrities thanks to Ilya.

Interesting fact: despite his young age and schooling, the performer constantly writes new tracks and produces quality novelties that not only gain popularity among the old fans, but also provide the rapper with new listeners. In total for a year the quantity of subscribers on its page in a social network "Vkontakte" passes for 100 000, and by the end of year slowly starts to come nearer to half a million.

Creativity of 2014

The most productive for Zippo, whose biographybecomes more and more vivid, became 2014. First, the artist releases the next release "Collection of Creativity", and then performs for the first time on the stage of Studio Club. The rapper's debut concert was held on October 4. And just a month later, Ilya is already performing at a large concert venue "Mega Chel" in Chelyabinsk. Creativity Zippo is not just a lyric, in which the artist puts his soul, and the real voice of the generation - young and unbridled. For all its popularity, the rapper does not abandon friends and continues to cooperate with them.

On November 3, 2014, along with a largea concert in Chelyabinsk, Zippo presents the second solo album - "Wick". The album was featured comrade Ilya - Cuba, in addition, the tracklist included re-recorded version of their debut track "Smoker often", which was a kind of gift for the fans.

Zippo: "Wick"

zippo artist biography

  1. "Ryzhuha" (with the participation of CUBA).
  2. "You smoke often."
  3. "Icons" (with the participation of CUBA).
  4. "Doll".
  5. "Left alone."
  6. "Enchantress".
  7. "Reflection".
  8. "Lighthouse".
  9. "Not until sleep."
  10. "Owl".
  11. "Lace".
  12. "Wick".

After a while on the tracks "Doll" and "Icons"videos were shot and published. Ilya Zippo - a performer whose biography developed by leaps and bounds - did not stop at the achieved success and started off with rapper NaCl on a concert tour. As a result, the year 2014 was the most productive for the artist.

Realizing the direction in which to develop, the artist has constantly improved, creating new compositions, taking into account the wishes of the fans, most of whom, by the way, are girls under 20 years old.

2016 year

zippo biography of rapper

Singer Zippo, whose biography became known to all connoisseurs of Ukrainian rap, released his third album on September 2, 2016. The new release is called "The Remaining Words" and includes 10 tracks:

  1. "The rest of the words."
  2. "Daughter".
  3. "Unforgettably".
  4. "Child".
  5. "Hold her hand."
  6. "Malvina".
  7. "Burning".
  8. "Kilometers".
  9. "Winter".
  10. "Sleep".

The artist travels through the cities with concerts, and onthe track "Gorim" releases a video clip, as well as the track "Dream". At the end of the year falls into many ratings album Zippo. The biography of the rapper is short because of the fact that Ilya Lapidus rarely gives interviews and is quite young. All the information fans get from the video and communication in the "Periscope".

Despite the individuality of creativity, Zippo,whose biography is similar to many Internet celebrities, is similar in style to many performers. For example, the text and manner of reading remind creativity of HOMIE, Depo, Kavabanga, Kolibri, Flesh Smile, NaCl and others. At the same time, Ilya's fans are a separate community that recognizes in him an exclusive rap artist, do not betray their idol and remain with him even in the period of the singer's silence.

Upcoming concerts

In 2017, Zippo announced a large-scale concerttour, which will be held in 46 cities. This is a huge number for a young rapper. Thus, the performer will not only gain more popularity, but also become a record holder in the number of rap artists this year, because this concert tour will be held between February and May 2017.

The performer promises to please his fansnovelties for a long time, so his discography, of course, will be wider. Listeners of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, are waiting for a rap artist with performances in many cities.

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